the common good

We are empowering people from all parts of society to build
the common good for the environment.


we promote civic

our common home is an organisation that promotes civic participation of everyone in society to build solutions to our changing natural environment, in particular people with more traditional values who feel a deep attachment to place, to their traditions, to their family and nation and who so far have been left out of the conversation.


we build partnerships and support civic organisations

We believe that locally rooted civic associations are vital elements for building stable and successful solutions to climate change and to preserve natural inheritance.

Our mission is to reach a political consensus on the need to preserve our environment and empower everyone across society to work together in exploring and building solutions.

everyone has a stake in preserving our natural environment

Ordinary people understand that climate change is a major threat and believe that action is required.

Many people, however, have so far been left behind in the conversation. They feel disempowered by climate policies imposed on them by far removed unaccountable bureaucrats, and who feel frightened by the alarmist discourse from the progressive climate movement.

As part of a broader process of social division that we are witnessing in many countries around the world, climate change is increasingly becoming a polarising issue. It will be more difficult to successfully combat climate change if this polarisation continues.

People living in smaller towns and rural areas typically hold more traditional values and feel a deep attachment to place, to their traditions, to their family and nation than those who live in big towns and cities. our common home supports ordinary people to regain their sense of dignity, of being important members of society through protecting the environment.

what we do

we strengthen

and help create civic institutions that empower people to collectively build the common good for the environment.

we support

our partners in organising and developing leadership among people who hold traditional values.


Morada Comum

Nuances d'Avenir

Polska z Natury



our team


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Scott Langdon

Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Growth Officer

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